The History & Archaeology of Cadia Valley


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Cadia Cemetery. List of Burials and their Identification.

Burials in Cadia Cemetery were identified on the primary evidence provided by forensic analysis and comparisons with the registrations of death. Identification was assisted by using a number of other means, including:

  1. Headstone identification.
  2. Breast plate inscription.
  3. Skeletal pathology.
  4. Burial group – burial in one grave cut.
  5. Correct order of burial in burial group.
  6. Burial enclosure.
  7. Coffin furnishing typology.
  8. Process of elimination.
  9. Location close to relative.
  10. Proximity to burial of relative.

Identification using headstones or breast plate inscriptions provide the highest level of certainty. A high level of certainty is provided where only one individual is listed in the Registration of death column. In other cases, the available evidence was only able to narrow down identification to a number of individuals, providing little certainty.

A total of 49 out of 110 burials were identified with a high level of certainty.

Cadia Cemetery – List of Burials and their Identification