The History & Archaeology of Cadia Valley


Historical Timeline

The Orange Guardian, 1 March 1865

On 1 March 1865, the Orange Guardian reported on the rich copper mine at Cadia. The report also dealt with the Carangara copper mine (at Byng, or Cornish Settlement), but the bulk seems to relate to Cadia, where it was reported that:

“At present, there are five shafts in operation, the deepest one being down to 150 feet. The ore raised is of two descriptions – the richer kind being of a blackish grey colour, and the second having no metallic appearance but presenting a bright green colour. The smelting department, although not complete, is in vigorous operation, and would well repay the trouble of a visit. At present, the weekly result is from fifty to eighty tons of pure metal, the variation being caused by the different quality of the ore passing through the furnaces. Hitherto, operations have been retarded in consequence of the want of machinery both for crushing and keeping down the water; this latter difficulty has for the present stopped further sinking. The company have, however, just received from England a large engine and crushing apparatus, which is in course of erection. The engine is of 70-horse power, and will be ready for work in about four months. The completion of these improvements will enable the company to work the mine more successfully. At present the population is about 500.”  (Quoted in Sydney Mail, 11 March 1865, p 8).

The new engine, under construction in March 1865, was housed in the Cornish engine house.


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